barang arrested

Phnom Penh: Police from the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection teamed up with local police to crack down on a foreign run bar secretly offering sexual services, detaining 9 men and women (including the shop owner) for questioning over night. The incident happened at 10.10 pm on August 26, 2019 atContinue Reading

phnom penh woman rape

Phnom Penh: An unknown female was killed and set alight at 9:15 pm at a corner of Loeung Ek, Ly Yong Phat, about 500 meters from the win-win street in Bakheng village on Bak Chant commune, Chroy Changvar district. The victim, who is still unknown, is suspected of being raped and killed.Continue Reading

african scammer

Phnom Penh: On June 15, 2019, the Phnom Penh police sent an African man and a Cambodian woman to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on charges of fraudulent activities through Facebook. . The suspect, NWOSU MARTINS, 31, of South Africa (more likely Nigeria) and his lover, a 35-year-old Cambodian, created FacebookContinue Reading