Marriott ‘Choice Benefits’ Are Live, Here’s What To Choose

Marriott Choice Benefits Live, here’s what you should choose.

Gary Leff at 15. March 2021.

Marriott just opened the privileges of choice for the elite. Anyone with 50 or 75 elite nights this year can pick one.

I didn’t stay at the Marriott in 2020, but since they offer half the nights required for status and I have both a personal and a small business credit card, I did over 50 elite nights and was able to take advantage of this choice. I opted for 5 more elite nights and am close to lifetime platinum status (I lost the two years of platinum and lifetime nights in the Marriott-Starwood date change).

Having spent over 50 nights last year, I will be able to accomplish this feat again in 2021. I have 15 elite nights on the Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® card and the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant(TM) American Express® card for 30 nights. And as a current Platinum, Marriott gave me 25 elite nights.

Also this year, Marriott offered elite nights approaching 2022 status (and also lowered the cost of ambassador status to $14,000).

Ambassador 100 eligible nights and $20,000 in lodging expenses. 50 Elite Nights
Titanium 75 eligible nights 38 elite nights
Turntable 50 qualifying overnight stays 25 Elite Nights
Golden 25 nights of qualification 13 elite nights
Silver 10 nights qualification 5 Elite Nights
Member Not applicable Not applicable

Here are the choices Marriott offers elite members for 50- and 75-night stays. You have until the 7th. January 2022 to make your choice. If you don’t make this choice, you’ll get the nightly bonuses from the suite. If it makes sense to move the selection, set a reminder in the calendar.

50 night options :

  • 5 Elite night credits will be added to the total for 2021 (even if you choose this option in January 2022).
  • 40% discount on a Marriott bed
  • Give up the status of money, which offers no significant benefits.
  • A $100 donation to the WE association in Cabolo, Kenya.
  • 5 Nightly Rewards for suites that will likely not be released.

Most of them don’t get a discount code for the bed, and the silver status attached to it is useless. A $100 donation to a project in Kenya is fine, but I note that there is currently a scandal in Canada with the charity WE, and I’m not sure if Marriott’s contribution to the project will increase or if they will get the same amount regardless of how members vote here.

I think the relevant options are the en-suite night bonuses, which can be useful, although they seem to frustrate members who try to use them – and 5 Elite nights, which is good if you end the year near the next Elite level. There’s no reason to pick elite nights now. It’s better to wait until closer to the end of the year, when you’ll know what your elite night will be in 2021.

75 Overnight stays :

  • Second selection of the 50 night shells.
  • Free night reward worth up to 40,000 points.
  • Give the gift of golden status

Gold status is actually not until 2pm. There is no breakfast, no access to the lounge, and no prospect of a meaningful upgrade. I think the corresponding options again are the suite night bonuses, 5 nights deluxe (if you are close to the ambassador and have spent the required $14,000 at Marriott) or the free night bonus. Personally, I’d go for the free night bonus.

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What are Marriott Elite Nights?

Marriott offers its top tier elite awards with choices earned after 50 and 75 nights per year. Options include suite nights, bonus elite night credits, elite status gifts and more.

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