Hyatt Regency Boston No Longer Wants To Be A Hub For Prostitution

The Hyatt Regency Boston does not want to be a prostitution center

Gary Leff is 25 years old. February 2021.

Over the summer, I wrote about a woman who met a man on Tinder, invited him to the Hyatt Regency, and then dumped him. As I said then,

I’ve been with my wife for almost 20 years. But from what I remember of my love life, I was metaphorical enough to know that if the woman I had just met invited me to her room in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency 30 minutes later, in the morning without alcohol, we would not go there for the reason I hoped.

I didn’t know that the Hyatt Regency Boston is apparently known as a prostitution center. The taser incident prompted the property to do something after at least 70 incidents of paid sex at the hotel in the past six months, according to a Boston Police Department licensing hearing.

The manager of the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Lafayette Avenue says he stepped up security over the past two months after two incidents occurred. In one case, a man reported being shocked and robbed by a woman he had slept with on Tinder; in the other, a particularly deft prostitute managed to extract $4,000 in cash from the man’s wallet while giving him fellatio.

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The final incident involving realsexbarbie, as she is referred to in the money application, is notable for her dexterity, as the only time [the wallet] was out of her reach – but within her reach – was during the action itself. To minimize future incidents, they hired a security manager from the Boston Sheraton and added a second night watchman to their staff.

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