Another Cruise Line Cancels Alaska Sailings

Luxury cruise line Seabourn Cruise Line has taken another step and canceled its summer season in Alaska. This decision comes after sister brands Holland America Line and Princess Cruises announced that they would be taking similar measures.

Seabourn takes a practicalapproach.

While the cruise line remains positive about a possible resumption of cruises and international travel, it states that it will take a practical approach for now and cancel 19 flights that would have called at ports in Canada.

This announcement, of course, follows Transport Canada’s announcement that no cruise ship will be allowed to carry more than 100 passengers until February 2022.

The hardest hit was the Seaborn Odyssey, which would operate 18 flights from Vancouver, Canada to Juneau, Alaska. It also includes a trip to the Pacific Coast that would take them from Vancouver to Seattle, where their headquarters are located, to San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Trips aboard the Seabourn Quest, which was scheduled to visit Canada and New England in fall 2021 with a series of four 11- and 12-day cruises between Montreal and Boston, followed by a 12-day east coast voyage from Montreal to Miami, were canceled last November.

Vision of positive change

Despite the disappointing news of cancelled flights to Canadian ports, Seabourn President Josh Leibowitz sees positive developments in the international travel industry that give hope for a resumption of flights:

Our top priorities are compliance, environmental protection, and the health, safety and well-being of our guests, crew and residents of the places we visit. We heard from many guests that they were looking forward to the trip and seeing positive changes that will eventually lead to our return to ministry.

While many cruise lines have been hit hard by the U.S. cruise ban, Seabourn Cruise Line has only one ship calling at U.S. ports. The five remaining ships have routes around the world, which presents other problems.

The luxury cruise line will have to wait until international voyages reach nearly 100%, as many of its trips start and end in different countries. For this reason, the cruise line suspended its operations early last year, at the beginning of the pandemic.

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Cancelled Guests

Seabourn Cruise Line will automatically cancel cruises for customers who have paid in full and rebook them. However, if customers are not satisfied with the new booking, they are also entitled to a full refund of the money paid to Seabourn.

Guests and their travel advisors receive specific information that applies to their booking. Seabourn asks customers and travel advisors to use the website’s online resources first, rather than calling the reservation center for cancellation information, as there can be a high volume of calls and long wait times.

Only a matter of time

It was only a matter of time before these cruise cancellations started. The Canadian government’s announcement was clear, and it does not look like it will change its mind any time soon.

Hopes are now pinned on the US government to amend the Passenger Ship Maintenance Act of 1886. Several US politicians are advocating for change, including US Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young, all from R-Alaska. Whether it happens or not, it will be too late for Seabourn.

The current schedule for the resumption of Seabourn sailings is as follows. However, it should be noted that this information is subject to change as the situation remains volatile:

Seabourn again

  • Date: 29. May 2021
  • Cruise: 7 days Greek Islands and Maltese Magic

An odyssey at sea

  • Date: 6. November 2021
  • Cruise: 7 days – Caribbean Spice Islands

Research in the Gulf of Seas

  • Date: 24. May 2021
  • Cruise: 14 days in Northern Europe

Stay at sea

  • Date: 24. May 2021
  • Cruise: 12 days Spanish and Moroccan Spring

A standing ovation in the sea

  • Date: 1. May 2021
  • Cruise: 7 days Greece and Dalmatian delights

Seabourn Venture

  • Date: 11. December 2021
  • Cruise: 12 days to initiate Norway, the northern lights and the North Cape (first trip)

frequently asked questions

Are there still cruises in Alaska?

Cruise ships have not yet officially cancelled their 2021 Alaska voyage, although the ban on cruises to Canada announced last week would make most of them unprofitable. But in recent days, they’ve started leaving trips without reservations on their sites – or removing them altogether.

Are there any cruises to Alaska in 2020?

He has now cancelled all flights to Alaska in 2020. … In early April, Carnival Cruise Line also cancelled flights to Alaska aboard the Carnival Miracle. And on the fourth. In May, Carnival confirmed that all voyages on its sister ship Carnival Spirit will be cancelled, meaning Carnival has cancelled its entire 2020 Alaskan season.

Will cruises be cancelled in 2021?

Many large American cruise ships will not call at the country until May. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention always recommend avoiding cruises during a pandemic. These are updated itineraries in 2021 for cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Disney Cruises.

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