Carnival Cruise Line Cancels All Cruises Until June 2021

Carnival Cruise Line has already removed all sailings for May 2021 from its website in the past 24 hours, and a new suspension has officially been announced. The line now plans to resume cruises as soon as possible starting in June 2021. The start of Mardi Gras in Port Canaveral has also been cancelled.

Carnival Cruise Line extends suspension

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Carnival Cruise Line has decided to cease operations in the United States as of January 31. May 2021. This now means that Carnival’s cruise ships will not set sail until June at the earliest. The break will be even longer before the various ships fall, as previously announced.

The news came after the Miami-based cruise line removed all trips made in May 2021 from its website Tuesday night. Many guests noted that they could not book cruises for this month, and that the first flights were not available until June 2021.

Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line, said

We continue to work on our renewal plans and are encouraged by our focus on accelerating vaccine production and distribution, which has a measurable impact on improving public health, said Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line.  We appreciate the support of all our guests, staff and business partners, who we know eagerly await our return.

Earlier, on the 22nd. In January 2021, Carnival announced an extended suspension of all travel to the United States until January 30. April 2021 year. Moreover, the operator has already extended the break in Australia: Carnival Splendor cruises have been cancelled until the 28th. June and the spirit of Carnival until the age of 12. September 2021 deleted.

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Cancellation policy for guests

By early February, Carnival had already begun sending out new cancellation options for customers who booked for trips of seven days or less and for trips of eight days or more.

Customers were recently notified of new opportunities for yachts with a reservation period of seven days or less through the 31st. July 2021 at the height. Carnival said it is waiting for more details from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention so it can offer new options for providing additional guarantees.

For longer cruises, there are options from 8 to 31 days. October 2021, as well as 10 and 14 day itineraries for Carnival Scoop and Carnival Pride.

With these new options, customers will automatically receive a $100 onboard credit during their cruise. If the trip ultimately fails and guests do not receive credit, they will be given the options that were already offered during the interruption of activities.

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Did the carnival need to be extended?

Absolutely. Norwegian Cruise Line has already extended its cruising season until May 2021, so it was only a matter of time before another major cruise line would follow suit. All cruise lines outside the United States are waiting for technical information from the CDC on the resumption of cruises, they are all in the same boat.

The Carnival has not yet been able to conduct driving tests until it receives further instructions from the CDC. Host operations cannot be resumed without a test run. The longer the CDC waits for approval to resume operations, the more vaccines come into play.

That’s what it looks like: Carnival Cruise Line CCO is responsible for disappointed guests.

Since some cruise lines already require vaccinations, they may be waiting for other vaccines to become available. Vaccinated guests certainly reduce the risk of epidemics while cruising, and in fact Royal Caribbean and NCL have made it mandatory for crew members.

There are other indications that cruises could be even more delayed, as cruise line crews reckon with longer wait times for return to service and even analyst predictions.

Since Carnival had already sent new cancellation options to guests, there was already talk of another postponement, and that’s exactly what happened.

What about Mardi Gras?

Many cruise passengers will have questions about the new Carnival Mardi Gras cruise ship. It has already been delayed four times since its first launch in late August 2020 in Copenhagen.

A new date for the premiere of Mardi Gras has been set for the 29th. May 2021, but it has been confirmed that the trip will no longer take place. The ship’s first cruise is currently scheduled to depart on the 5th. June from Port Canaveral.

frequently asked questions

Will the fairground rides be cancelled for 2021?

(11:10 a.m. EST) — Carnival Cruise Line has issued additional cancellations through fall 2021 for certain ships and has eliminated San Diego as a seasonal homeport through April 2023. … September 28) and Carnival Valor of New Orleans (arrivals September 16 to October 28) have been canceled.

Will the 2021 cruises be cancelled?

Update 11 : Carnival Cruise Line has made more changes and reported more delays than any other cruise line, and of the 6. Further cancellations were announced in January, with cruises not resuming until April 2021.

Will the fairground rides be cancelled?

Carnival Cruise Line has canceled some cruises through November 2021 as the company moves ships in anticipation of a gradual return this year. It will be the 25th. January 2021.

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