It’s Time For Most Americans To ‘Jab & Go’

It’s time for most Americans to make a Jab & Go.

Gary Leff is 23 years old. February 2021.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned two Ryanair Jab & Go commercials for encouraging irresponsible behaviour following a vaccination against coronavirus infection. According to the British government,

We considered that this could lead to vaccinated persons ignoring or not complying with the restrictions, thereby risking serious illness in the short term and the spread of the virus in the long term. Therefore, we believed that advertising could mislead people and make them behave irresponsibly after vaccination. Commercials may no longer be broadcast.

The message is pitch-perfect and without future nuance, but it is far more true than false. After you have waited at least two weeks for a second dose of one of the two mRNA vaccines currently approved in the United States (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) – the injectable part – consider getting the injectable part – go ahead.

The main reasons most people do not participate are the hassle of activities that may not be available locally, and the longer time and higher cost of testing where it is required.

This view has to be rejected,

Coronavirus vaccines are not 100% effective. Vaccinated people can still be contagious. And viral variants can make it worse. So don’t change your behavior even if you get the chance.

As summarized in this New York Times article: A full dose of the vaccine – with an appropriate waiting period after the second vaccination – has been shown to effectively eliminate the risk of death from covidification, virtually eliminate the risk of hospitalization, and significantly reduce a person’s ability to infect someone else. This also applies to new variants of the virus.

Vaccines reduce transmission; research on how much transmission is reduced is ongoing. People can still get the virus, but for those who are vaccinated, it basically means they get a much more common respiratory infection (which can be dangerous for some people at a certain age and under certain circumstances).

A growing body of scientific evidence shows that the chances of a vaccinated person infecting another person with a serious covirus disease are very low. (An unresolved case is essentially a cold.) You wouldn’t know this from most public discussions.

In much of the United States, access to vaccines has been a post-apocalyptic scavenger hunt in recent months, but that is expected to change as more and more supplies come in and those most motivated to get vaccinated do so. Soon we will be trying to encourage people to get vaccinated rather than have too little for those who want it.

Several variants are associated with the risk, and AstraZeneca’s vaccine in particular appears to have the greatest reduction in efficacy against the South African strain, but the good news is that it is less infectious than the British B.1.1.7 strain.

The good news is that South Africa has returned to the pre-B.1.351 baseline for Covid cases. There is no evidence that this variant is more contagious. His immune escape is enough to explain how he got away. And the descent was without vaccines.

– Eric Topol (@EricTopol) February 21, 2021

It is possible that another outbreak could occur in April, but it is likely that the virus will hardly spread in the United States this summer.

Just because the option becomes dominant doesn’t mean we will automatically see a repeat of the 2020 fall.

Take the UK and South Africa, where the number of cases has fallen in recent months, as it has in the US (although restrictions are tighter):

– Yuyang Gu (@youyanggu) February 18, 2021.

I think if the next 12 months are normal, it will probably be spring and summer, says @ScottGottliebĀ®, noting that recovery in the US from the pandemic will not be linear.

– CNBC (@CNBC) 22. February 2021

In fact, this room is too cautious. I think we’ll be there by Memorial Day.

– Conor Sen (@conorsen) 23. February 2021

It is likely that Covid-19 will become endemic and manageable rather than extinct. Thanks to advances in treatment and vaccination (including adaptations for new strains and revaccination), it seems unlikely that the virus will overwhelm the healthcare system again. And that means looking at removing restrictions, informing people of the risks and empowering them to make their own decisions again. For some it will be a trial.

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