Air France Has A New Safety Video, And It’s The Least Covid Thing Ever

Air France has a new safety video, and it’s the leasthas to offer.

Gary Leff is 24 years old. February 2021.

American Airlines has released a new pandemic safety video, but most airlines continue to use existing spots with the Covid-19 protocols. (Alaska Airlines, of course, implemented its new Covid Safety Dance protocol in certain markets during the Super Bowl).

However, Air France has unveiled a brand new safety video. It’s not as imaginative as their 2015 entry. It’s basically a rather sedate montage of scenes in France.

Under normal circumstances I’d say it’s usable, okay, but not very interesting or innovative by modern standards. But there is one important feature: the 2021 security video, which makes no reference to Covid-19. Nobody wears a mask. For example, in the theater – a full house, and no one cares to spread out in such a closed space.

Some will say he’s tough, but I like him – a paean to normal:

We are about to return to normal travel, although due to government mandates things like the requirement to wear a mask still exist, even though it is no longer required. But this safety video almost serves as a gateway to normal times when you visit France’s tourist attractions and live in 2021, as in 2019.

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