Video: Police Raid Florida Man’s Hotel Room, He Throws Knives And Trash Can At Them

Video: Police raid a hotel room in Maine, he throws a knife and a trash can at them.

Gary Leff on February 13, 2021.

A hotel guest is accused of attacking a police officer after he called the police in his hotel room and said he wanted to kill them “because his world was over.” The officers did not end his world, but stabbed him repeatedly with a stun gun.

A man at the Plaza Resort Hotel on Atlantic Avenue in Daytona Beach, Florida, “threw knives, a trash can and other objects at the officers who were trying to get him to surrender.”

Daytona Beach police posted a video on Facebook of their raid on a room in Maine, Florida.

According to the department,

On Wednesday (February 10, 2021), our officers were called to a hotel on the coast after receiving a tip about an armed man who might pose a danger to himself and others.

Our officers found a man in the room who repeatedly told us to shoot him and threw objects at us, including knives.

This footage from the body cam shows what happened.

We managed to defuse the incident. No one was seriously injured.

The tasers and pepper spray would have had “little effect on the suspect, who was sitting in a chair with a knife in his hand and demanding that officers shoot him.

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