United Airlines Returning To New York JFK In February

United Airlines returns to New York in February.

Gary Leff on February 11, 2021.

United Airlines admits it made a mistake when it left New York JFK six years ago. They were trying to come back and the pandemic gave them a chance. They announced the service, but postponed it last month. Now they are postponing it again, reducing the original flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles to less than a day. It is not yet known if they have found permanent flight rights from the airport.

United’s mistake from New York JFK В 2015 г.

United said goodbye to New York JFK in its entirety in the fall of 2015. When current United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby took over, he said the decision to leave was a mistake.

  • They were losing money on their limited flights to New York JFK.
  • But the accountants looked only at the revenues and expenses of those specific flights and failed to see the big picture – they lost profitable business contracts that made other routes profitable when they discontinued airport service.

United lost business from Disney and Time Warner to American, not only on the Los Angeles-New York route, but also from Los Angeles to London and numerous other routes.

They retreated to the Fortress Center in Newark, where they achieved a higher profit margin than their competitors in New York, but even this was criticized when the FAA reduced control of Tier 3 slots and allowed more competition.

United sold its slots to New York JFK and Alaska partially took them over. They could not return to the airport.

November 2020 U.S. plans to return to airport

With Covid-19 meaning fewer flights – some of which will be permanent – United has found its way back. In November 2020, they announced a plan to offer two daily transcontinental flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco aboard first-class Boeing 767-300ER aircraft from their former Terminal 7 home base starting February 1.

The New York JFK departs:

Flight Steering Time To Time
AU 521

AU 523

JFK It’s 8:00 in the morning.


San Francisco 11:37


AU 515

AU 517

JFK 9:00 a.m.,
7:00 p.m.
Los Angeles 12:29


Flights to New York Kennedy:

Flight Steering Time To Time
AU 520

AU 522

San Francisco 9h10


JFK 17:40

10:00 p.m.

AU 514

AU 516

Los Angeles 7:30 in the morning.


JFK 15:50


New York JFK Terminal 7

The plane will offer:

  • 46 business class seats with direct aisle access
  • 22 seats in Premium Economy class
  • 47 seats in economy class plus (extra legroom)
  • 52 bus seats


This is an early sign that even the airline that withdrew the most during the pandemic is looking to its competitive future, and that we will likely see more competition as airlines have to work hard to attract a limited number of passengers as air travel begins a significant recovery from Covid-19.

Two daily flights will not be enough for the business market when the companies return, but it is a base from which the airline can grow and work to obtain permanent and additional slots.


The first delay, and now the second.

United announced last month that it would not actually launch the service on February 1 and eventually postponed Kennedy until February 28. That won’t happen either. As the pandemic continues to weaken demand, United is again postponing the launch of service at JFK.

  • They say they will be launched on March 28, 2021.
  • And instead of 28 weekly flights (2 per day to each destination), they will offer only 10: 5 flights per week to San Francisco and 5 to Los Angeles.

United tells Zach Griff,

Due to the continued impact of COVID-19 on our industry, we are delaying the start of service between New York’s JFK Airport and our hubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles until March 28, 2021. During the pandemic, United has been a leader in quickly adjusting our schedule to meet customer demand, and we look forward to offering this convenient service and superior product from New York to the West Coast.

If United returns to New York JFK, it will not be with daily flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Nor has the airline indicated whether it has found permanent slots that will allow it to stay in the market long term, although one possibility is the sale of American JetBlue slots, which the Department of Transportation needs to approve its alliance with Northeast.

United must finally be at JFK

To someone who grew up there, Newark is not New York after all. The mayor of New York, Fiorella LaGuardia, once refused to get off a plane at the Newark airport because his ticket promised a trip to New York. At the time, he insisted on building what would become LaGuardia Airport.

While Newark is convenient for some parts of the city, particularly Staten Island, many New Yorkers don’t even consider it an option. United Airlines should be at JFK, and its Star Alliance partners should be there too – if only for connecting flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Frequently asked questions

Is United going back to JFK?

United Airlines announced today that it will return to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport on February 1, 2021, with nonstop service to the West Coast. United has not flown into JFK for five years.

Are flights to JFK delayed today?

Departure delays: Departures and cabs have a delay of up to 15 minutes. General arrival delays: Arrivals: Aircraft delays of 15 minutes or less.

Why doesn’t United Airlines fly into JFK?

United Airlines, which withdrew from JFK in 2015, ceased operations at JFK Airport in October 2015 : The airline had a limited presence at JFK and used the airport primarily for flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco. United Airlines was losing money on its JFK flights.

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