Carnival Cruise Line Details New Area of Mardi Gras [PHOTOS]

Carnival Cruise Line has found the perfect way to celebrate National Pizza Day, with details on the La Piazza area on Mardi Gras, where passengers will find new seating and an expanded version of the popular Capitano’s Pizza.

Welcome to the Italian Quarter

The Piazza is one of six spaces that will make up the public areas of the Mardi Gras. It is designed – you guessed it – to welcome guests to Italy, wherever the ship sails. From the moment guests enter, they see a million tiny details that combine to create a grand illusion. From the big bright colors, red and white, to the fixtures and tiles, it’s a feast for the eyes.

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But of course, no party – not even an eye party – is complete without food. So don’t worry, the hunger you feel as you walk through the square can be satisfied in many places.

mardi gras la piazza cucina entrance

Want to get something to eat? Visit Piazza Panini for classic handmade treats and, as the name suggests, pressed paninis. Although the emphasis is on Italian ingredients such as mozzarella, capicola, prosciutto and provolone, they also offer more American fare such as hot dogs, rye rolls and grilled ham and cheese paninis. (You can see the full menu below).

piazza panini menu mardi gras

Walking across the piazza, you’ll come across a bright red Fiat – from 1972, the year the original Mardi Gras began – ready to grace your Instagram page. And right after that, there’s the entrance to the carnival’s popular Cucina Del Capitano.

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mardi gras la piazza fiat

Once inside, you will quickly discover that the Italian restaurant version of Mardi Gras is the largest in the fleet. After you place your order, you’ll want to explore the space, which is littered with various carnival memorabilia, including colorful oil paintings of the eponymous ship. Consider it a version of the Planet Hollywood cruise ship.

mardi gras la piazza cucina interior

Of course, La Piazza is also home to the Pizzeria Capitano, where you can enjoy freshly baked homemade pizzas in five different varieties that can be ordered as pies or in slices. Better yet, you can enjoy the delicacies at tables along the boardwalk or outside on the lanai.

Perhaps all that talk of Italy has made you crave a glass of red wine or a sparkling prosecco – both available at the brand new carnival bar, the Della Rosa. Imagine a classic cafe like you might find on the streets of Italy. You stop by Bellini’s, or maybe Aperol Spritz…. , just for a drink, finally meeting new friends and discussing the evening.

mardi gras bar della rosa carnival

Of course, La Piazza is just one of six themed “zones” aboard Mardi Gras, each with its own diversions. For more information, expect to see the new ship make its debut in Port Canaveral on May 29.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Mardi Gras carnival now?

Current carnival situation in the western Mediterranean (coordinates 40.55190 N / 2.53374 E), towards Barcelona.

How big is the new Mardi Gras carnival?

Design and Specifications Mardi Gras The cruise ship, which will fly the Panamanian flag, will be 344.4 meters long, 41.7 meters wide, 8.5 meters deep and have a gross tonnage of 180,000 tons. It will be able to reach a cruising speed of 17 kilometers.

What is Carnival 2020’s newest ship?

Carnival Cruise Line’s massive new ship Mardi Gras will depart Port Canaveral in October 2020 for seven-day cruises in the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

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