United Airlines Kicks Off Passenger For Wearing Too Much Personal Protective Equipment

United Airlines throws out passenger for wearing too much personal protective equipment

Gary Leff on February 6, 2021.

Two brothers were removed from a United Airlines flight out of Newark on January 23 for wearing not too little, but too much personal protective equipment. We hear a lot of talk about anti-masking. And Dr. Fauci even recommends wearing two masks. But United had none of the masks these passengers were wearing.

“Is that stupid? Absolutely. Is this how you want to be seen in public? Not really,” said Joseph, who was traveling for work because his company helps with security during the Super Bowl. “But to have that peace of mind for me and my family, I’m willing to endure a few looks to get down safely.”

Several United employees stopped them before they left for Florida at 11 a.m. and offered them cheap surgical masks. To relieve pressure on the airline, they wore these masks over the Narwhal masks. A flight attendant stopped them in the studio. They wanted to protect their masks and were distraught. They were ejected from the flight.

His luggage was checked at the gate throughout the flight (during the pandemic, United did not allow blocked seats on board). They made him wait 7 hours for the next flight.

The airline, for its part, claims that the mask is ventilated, which is unacceptable – even though passengers are allowed to wear surgical masks over ventilated masks, which is what ended up happening here. And the manufacturer says there is no ventilation anyway.

“The Narwall is specifically designed to filter all exhalations, with no air ducts, no direct exhaust valves, which of course creates potential danger for those around the owner,” said Mr. Ratray. “I came up with the idea of installing a high quality inhalation and exhalation filter to protect you and everyone else. ”

A United spokeswoman also said that “there is concern about hearing loss with such a mask,” because passengers may not hear instructions in an emergency.

The brothers “checked with other airlines to see if his mask would be an acceptable face shield and booked his return flight” with another airline.

United, like some other airlines, has a policy that specifies not only what you should wear, but also what you should not wear, although these policies are often not widely communicated. Alaska Airlines made a 75-year-old passenger who had become ill leave the terminal because he was wearing too much personal protective equipment. American Airlines banned the carrying of tents and body pods, personal air purifiers and ozone generators.

Lichaamscapsule in Delta’s First Class, credit: under the weather

Instead of banning extra safety equipment, I wonder if the airline can promote safety while generating additional revenue by selling these items themselves. On the other hand, as in a movie theater, they may want to prohibit customers from bringing their own to avoid competition for lower retail prices. I am old enough to remember when airlines prohibited me from using my own headphones to watch a movie in the air. ….

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