Congressional Democrats Expected To Back Third Airline Bailout

Democrats in Congress expect support for a third airline bailout.

Gary Leff on February 4, 2021.

Prepare to have your pockets emptied again.

Democratic leaders in Congress are expected to support a third bailout package of $14 billion for airlines and $1 billion for entrepreneurs. The third bailout package includes $14 billion for airlines and $1 billion for contractors. It is $14 billion for airlines and $1 billion for contractors. Airlines would be required not to lay off workers for six months (there has been no agreement on layoffs as of March 31 of this year).

Democratic leaders in Congress are likely to allocate $14 billion to extend an airline industry assistance program for six months, which would allow nearly 30,000 workers to remain in the industry beyond the March 30 expiration date of the existing program, as well as additional resources for the industry, according to Congressional staff and industry officials.

Sarah Nelson, president of the Flight Attendants Association-CWA, which represents workers at 17 airlines, confirmed Thursday at a House of Representatives hearing on transportation and infrastructure that $14 billion for airlines and $1 billion for contractors are at stake.

In late December, Congress approved the creation of a second airline, and a few days later the airlines began looking for a third, which investors were so looking forward to.

  • Wages for airline workers laid off in the fall are about $250 million per month. This spring, fewer workers are threatened by the strike, but let’s take the $250 million figure. 1.5 billion to pay out all workers threatened with layoffs within six months.
  • Airlines are laying off employees because they don’t need to fly, given the current level of traffic. This is a fully paid unemployment program. (Most employees who are “on leave” will not actually work during the period they are paid because of the second unemployment benefit. The third employee leave assistance program is almost ten times overfunded to cover the actual total cost of paying employees on leave.
  • In other words, the airlines pocket the remaining $12.5 billion. They “should be spending it on salaries,” but they are spending it on labor costs they would otherwise have incurred, on employees who have to fly and meet customer demands.

Delta did not lay off any employees and received a second pay raise. Southwest did not put employees on leave during the pandemic and promised not to lay off any employees in 2021 after the second pay raise. But they will still receive billions to keep employees out for part of 2021.

You didn’t buy their tickets, but they’ll take your money anyway. The airlines will do anything to squeeze billions of dollars out of taxpayers. They will even lie about vaccine distribution. Don’t believe any of this.

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