Norwegian 787s Are Returning With Low Cost Transatlantic Fares – Under A New Name

Norwegian’s 787returns with cheap transatlantic fares, under the new name.

Gary Leff at 15. March 2021.

Norwegian has discontinued its transatlantic operations and is trying to hold its own as an intra-European airline. But the Norwegian founder is convinced that his ultra-cheap business model for long-haul flights, which has never worked before, is suddenly poised for success. And he’s trying it again with North Atlantic Airways.

OSM Aviation, which already provided outsourced services to Norwegian personnel, owns 53% of the new company. Expect cheap labor on flights 9-12, aboard Norwegian’s Boeing 787s. Here you can apply for a position as a team member. (HT: Paddle Your Own Kanoo)

The goal is to operate flights between Miami, Los Angeles and New York in the United States and London, Paris and Oslo in Europe – and eventually Asia – by the end of 2021.

So far, the reunion has earned the group $24 million. They plan to go public to raise additional capital. Apparently private investors are too skeptical to launch a transatlantic widebody airline in late winter when, as cheap as 787s are, they would probably be better off with narrow-body aircraft that need fewer passengers to cover their operating costs. (I hear the 737 MAX is cheap these days.) Maybe they’ll get lucky if they call themselves GameStop Transatlantic.

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In an interesting twist on the low-cost carrier theme – they keep it simple and don’t offer connections – let alone connections with another airline – they plan to partner with Norwegian for traffic connections. Call them Norwegian Long Hall.

Operating long-haul flights is a challenge for low-cost carriers because their price advantage tends to erode. British Airways and Delta have higher costs, but they pay for themselves in lots of miles – and lots of seats – if it’s a widebody.

As for transatlantic traffic, this is seasonal. In the summer, it’s not hard to fly across the Atlantic in a Boeing 787. This is hardly possible in winter, and the airline has to pay its planes – and to some extent its crew – all year round.

Assuming they come to market, this is great news – whether you fly Norwegian Norse Atlantic or not – because it will help keep economy and premium economy fares low for as long as possible. However, it should be recalled that the CEO of low-cost transatlantic airline Wow Air pledged his house to finance the airline and lost it. And if it was a good idea, a new Wow Air created by an arms dealer might work.

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