Leaked Early: JetBlue May Be About To Announce Service To London Heathrow

Early liquors : JetBlue may be announcing a route to London Heathrow.

Gary Leff at 16. March 2021.

JetBlue announced its intention to serve London two years ago. It has a brand new Airbus A321LR with new premium seats to transport passengers across the Atlantic. And they’re headquartered in London.

However, these were not the slots they wanted. They couldn’t serve London Heathrow, and they weren’t given enough slots to operate the flights they wanted to operate at Gatwick – even when Virgin stopped operating its flights at Gatwick, they even retained their slots for a period of time when they could use them in the future.

JetBlue was protected in November:

  • 14 departures per week from London Gatwick (one return flight per day, half of what they were asking for).
  • 28 flights per week into London Stansted (enough for two daily flights)

Appropriations : JetBlue

They didn’t want to give up Stansted, and it looked like they would be operating at both airports, which would be suboptimal. JetBlue has asked the US government for help in finding a location in London.

Now the ever vigilant Ishrion Aviation is seeing some signs that they are about to announce a flight to London Heathrow.

  1. London Heathrow has changed its mobile app from a partner destination to a JetBlue destination. That in itself isn’t saying much, although it has been in the past.

@JetBlue on announced flights to London Heathrow? Or is it a mistake?

LHR is no longer listed as a partner airline in the mobile app, but it’s not Mint. JetBlue revealed the Miami service on its app a day before the actual announcement. pic.twitter.com/KQ5DoUNk4y

– Ishrion Aviation (@IshrionA) 16. March 2021

  1. JetBlue’s route map shows them flying into London Heathrow. (It seems that it has since been removed).

London Heathrow also appears at the bottom of the JetBlue route list and in a separate section for the European region.

This route map shows all the destinations JetBlue flies to with its own planes.https://t.co/aMTmmVKQDi pic.twitter.com/wh7UQi2ocy

– Ishrion Aviation (@IshrionA) 16. March 2021

  1. JetBlue’s website listed London Heathrow as a JetBlue-operated city, but London has since been removed from the list.

Once again, https://t.co/v3QMM4yV3k shows London Heathrow as JetBlue city pic.twitter.com/bsSvBkAQju

– Ishrion Aviation (@IshrionA) 16. March 2021

Once you see it, you can make the mistake of updating a website or application incorrectly. But it appeared in a few places and was quickly removed. Although not yet final, it is highly likely that JetBlue will soon announce that it has reserved seats at London’s premium airport for its planned launch this summer.

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