Rental Car Prices Are About To Rise, Here’s How To Beat The Trend

Car rental prices will rise, here’s how to buck the trend.

Gary Leff at 13. March 2021.

I recently gave an interview on the subject of car rental – airport fees, prepaid rates, strategies for finding the best deal – and I complained to the reporter that no one cares about rental cars , and they should, it’s as important a part of travel as flights and hotels.

Is this one of the reasons why the rental experience is so terrible? Are rent control programs that bad? The end of the silver car at airports makes the Ford Taurus and its outrageous surcharges all but obsolete.

  • Hertz used to be a business travel company, but it doesn’t always honor reservations and sometimes arrests its renters for car theft due to data errors.
  • National is better with their Emerald Passage, but when I had high status with them, I never got anything better than the Executive Passage selection – and Executive status is free and also comes with Amex Platinum.
  • Sixt gives everyone status and is supposed to have good cars, but I always had to wait in line and they often didn’t have cars reserved (but they don’t seem to want an upgrade if they do).

But do you think rental cars will be much more expensive than?

  • Car rental companies unloaded rental cars during the pandemic. Their stocks are low.
  • As demand increases, prices will rise because more people want to own cars than rent them from companies.
  • They don’t just add cars to their fleet for a number of reasons. Their balance sheets will suffer, they will be reluctant to invest and the cars themselves will become more expensive due to supply chain bottlenecks, low interest rates and voting restrictions.

There are several things you can do to offset the pain of renting and high prices.

  1. Join your landlord’s loyalty program. This usually means avoiding rows of rolling boards.
  2. Rent outside the airport, even if you return your car at the airport, as you can save significantly on taxes and surcharges that apply to airport and out-of-town rentals.
  3. Link your booking to who will track prices and find the best deal for you.
  4. Rent a better car. As a rule, it is not even certain that you know what type of machine you need. What is a luxury car? Who knows? This varies depending on the borrower and the word or similar when you rent actually means or something you don’t consider someone else. But if you spend a lot of time in the car, it may be worth it – at least the price.
  5. Hertz always gives a 4 hour grace period for returns with the Amex Platinum CDP code. I realize I need the car for 27 hours instead of 24, or 50 hours instead of 48. This saves you the cost of an extra day’s rental.

Here are 10 ways to save money on car rentals.

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frequently asked questions

Why are rental car prices rising until 2020?

Over the past 18 months, car rental companies have artificially reduced the supply of available rental cars by selling 400 000 of their vehicles on the used car market. … With low airfares, more people are traveling and renting cars, and the higher demand with lower supply is driving prices up – quite a bit.

Do the prices of rental cars decrease as the deadline approaches?

The sooner you rent a car, the better. Many car rental companies reward travelers who plan ahead with lower rates. … Gibson recommends booking a flexible or refundable price and always checking to see if the price is dropping. In that case, you can cancel your existing reservation and book the ticket at a lower rate.

How do I get the best price for a rental car?

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