Airline CEOs Set for White House Meeting on Carbon Footprint

A handful of executives from U.S. airlines will meet Friday with White House officials to discuss how the industry can reduce its carbon footprint and use cleaner fuels.

The White House and a spokeswoman for the airline group declined to comment to Reuters News Service, which first published the story.


According to the air transport action group, aviation is responsible for about 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which are expected to increase in the coming decades.

Current trend

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that US airlines and renewable energy companies are pressuring the Biden administration to support a significant increase in subsidies for low-carbon fuel. They argue that new incentives are needed to combat climate change.

Here’s what the CEOs of American, Delta, Southwest and South American airlines, who are among the invited leaders of the airline industry, are likely to discuss, among other topics. Gina McCarthy, national climate adviser at the White House, and Brian Dees, economic adviser, will represent the Biden administration.

McCarthy had previously told Reuters that she had begun talks with utilities and the auto sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making aviation the next logical choice.

She said these discussions are part of a broad effort by the Biden administration to engage all federal agencies in decarbonizing the US electricity sector by 2035 and the entire economy by 2050.

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