The Future of Micro-Weddings in the Mexican Caribbean

In the past three years, 90,000 weddings were performed annually in the Mexican Caribbean, with an average of 50 guests per wedding in advance.

However, since the beginning of the pandemic, smaller and more intimate ceremonies have become increasingly desirable. They are called micro-marriages. In the Mexican Caribbean, with places like the Mayan Riviera, Puerto Morelos, Cozumel, Tulum and Bacalar, such weddings are already planned.


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There are several advantages to hosting a micro wedding. First, it is safer, at least during a pandemic, because of the small lot sizes. Second, planning is much less expensive and much less stressful.

Third, micromarriages in the Mexican Caribbean are incredibly personal and creative. From beautiful weddings on the beach to mystical Mayan weddings in the cenotes, micro weddings are unique events that reflect the couple’s unique love story.

Trina Pauley, Sales Manager at Four Seasons Travel, has been in the business for over twenty years, specialising in weddings, honeymoons and more. She believes that this trend will continue, but that it will not completely replace traditional marriage.

Small weddings are exactly what many people want right now, and they are happy with the results. Our whole world has become easier with live broadcasts of everything from wedding ceremonies to sporting events and funerals. This trend is unlikely to continue. Of course, some people would rather live in the creek than attend a wedding. On the other hand, there is a strong demand for catch-up travel. People just want to feel normal again. When we are able to travel more comfortably and the vaccine becomes more available, I guarantee that couples will have big wedding parties and celebrate the end of the pandemic and their union.

Submarine wedding in Cozumel. (Photo via Travel in the Mexican Caribbean)

For couples who want to get married deep in the tropical jungle, Espacio Chechén in Tulum is the perfect place to get married. Aktun-Ha in Puerto Morelos offers couples a private wedding ceremony and a pavilion with floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the tranquility of the jungle. Atlantis Submarines Cozumel even offers a circuit where couples can get married underwater, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.

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