American Airlines Streamlining Baggage Allowance Policies

American Airlines has announced its intention to harmonize its baggage rules to provide travelers with a more consistent and transparent booking process.

As part of the changes that took effect Tuesday, economy class tickets now include two free checked baggage items on all routes where American Airlines offers enhanced travel comfort.


Current trend

Basic tickets for all international long-haul routes now include free baggage allowance.

American Airlines is also introducing a new basic Economy Plus ticket, which offers discounted fares with free checked baggage on flights to Asia, Oceania, India and Israel.

We want American to be the easiest airline to do business with, said Vasu Raja, American’s revenue manager. To that end, we create transparent products and a pricing policy that is aligned with our global network, so customers have a clear choice when they travel with us.

For travel agents using the new distribution capability (NDC), the airline will offer new all-inclusive fares and business services where seats, baggage and specific benefits are bundled at the time of booking.

American Airlines also announced that it has renewed its content distribution agreement with Amadeus to continue to offer Amadeus flights and air services to travel agents and businesses worldwide through the Amadeus travel platform.

frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for baggage on connecting flights?

Base for round trip luggage = two costs. If your flight has a connection, luggage is usually transferred from one flight to another and there is no extra charge.

Can I pay for my baggage online with American Airlines?

Pay for your luggage online. Don’t wait in line at the airport – check in up to 3 pieces of luggage when you check in on or the app. For more information on paying for handbags online, please visit our Customer Service FAQ section.

How can I avoid baggage fees on American Airlines?

How to avoid baggage check-in fees with major national airlines

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