Another Look at Why Cruises Should Be Sailing Already

One look at the photo is enough to wonder why boating is no longer allowed. There is no recent evidence of social exclusion or advocacy at Cancun Airport for COWID-19 related measures. Photos and videos on the internet show thousands of people crammed like sardines into a can.

It is amazing that flights from abroad are allowed in this way while cruise ships have spent billions of dollars on COWID measures but are not allowed to set sail.

Oliver Renick has tweeted a photo and even a shocking video of what the thousands of people stranded at Cancun International Airport look like this month. They were originally posted on Instagram by Kubainart:

Flights go to Cancun and return to American cities like Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. In such a situation, one wonders what is behind the cruise ships that have not yet departed (coming from the same ports from which the flights depart).

Although the airport seems to be very busy, it is important to know that in most cases this is not the case. Cancún is currently very popular as people are desperate for a short break, which Cancún simply has to offer. He still wonders what health protocols the Mexican authorities put in place at the airport and how this could have happened.

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Measures must be taken seriously

Let’s start with the fact that all measures must be taken seriously by everyone. The cruise industry has been hit hard by the recession over the past 12 months.

That is why the sector is taking extraordinary measures to hopefully get back on track soon. If he does, he must respect the measures taken on board, as well as the guests.

But when airlines and individual airports do very little to stop the spread of VIDOC-19, the government’s own words seem hollow at best. Yes, the airport is in Mexico, but don’t the US airlines flying into Cancun have control? We cannot allow the cruise industry to stagnate completely while the airline industry gives reasons to close down the cruise industry.

Airlines have been given discretion over many of the measures the CDA imposes on cruise ships. And that’s great, because we need airlines, we need air transportation, and we need these people to keep their jobs. But the CDC should seriously consider whether the measures it has taken are too burdensome for the cruise industry.

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The cruise industry has proven to be safe

Common sense prevailed in Italy last year. The country has been hit hard by the pandemic in the past 12 months. The country is also home to two cruise lines that sail regularly from July to August.

Both MSC and Costa cruises sailed in Italian waters without incident. In Spain, another country hit hard last year, TUI Cruises, Hapag Lloyd and AIDA Cruises.

In Singapore and Taiwan, the two countries that have mostly managed to keep the virus at bay, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Dream Cruises are sailing with the locals.

Cruise lines have proven to the world that cruises are safe. That with the right measures in place, we can board a cruise ship and enjoy our vacation carefree.

Photo credits : MSC Cruises

The reason we don’t have to worry is that everyone will be checked. Every person on board is cared for by a qualified doctor, experienced nurses and skilled crew members. Social distance is reinforced. Wearing a mask is mandatory. Any contact with anyone outside the ship’s bell is illegal and will result in your expulsion from the ship.

Why do airplanes fly and cruise ships do not?

The reason for authorising the flights was that they were compulsory, vital and necessary journeys. The airlines take this notion to the extreme. It wouldn’t be the first time either.

The end of last year was marked by great unrest when several guests on board Seadream 1 fell ill. Although the media storm focused on the ship, few were willing to report that all of the ship’s passengers were crammed into the plane cabin and allowed to board the plane without social exclusion. It shows the prejudices that exist against the cruise industry in its purest form.

The point is, the CDC needs to get to work now. It’s been too long since the organization announced its framework (4 months and counting). The cruise lines are still waiting for further instructions.

It’s time for the ships to go to sea. People on board, in ports, hotels, shops and travel agencies must get back to work. People should be able to have a safe holiday.

Because if we look at it clearly and without prejudice, one thing becomes painfully clear. Images from Cancun airport and around the world show that cruise ship travel is much safer than flying.

Main photo credit : Cubeinart

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