American Airlines Standardizing Checked Baggage Allowances, Introducing Basic Economy To Asia

Standardisation of free baggage allowance by US airlines, introduction of basic economy in Asia

Gary Leff is 23 years old. February 2021.

American Airlines has a broad policy on the amount of checked baggage that is provided free of charge to customers. They simplify their policies, which means more tips in some cases and less in others.

They are also adding economy class base fares for flights from the Pacific and Israel/India, but these fares include checked baggage. Therefore, the main limitation is that these rates do not allow for changes.

Here are the (3) changes announced by American:

  • All Premium Economy tickets now include two free checked bags, regardless of route
    Currently, only one free piece of checked baggage is offered for economy class travel to Alaska and Hawaii, which is a small benefit for customers traveling to these two destinations.
  • Internationaltickets for long distance calls in all markets include a free
    checked bag.
    Transpacific – from two free checked bags to one.
  • – Customers traveling in Asia/Oceania will be offered a new non-exchangeable base fare of
    in Economy Plus, with one free checked bag.
    Transpacific flights already enjoy free checked baggage, which simply means that they will sell basic economy class baggage on Asia-Pacific plus Israel-India routes, but will not carry checked baggage on these routes.

In addition, the Americans are promoting their new distribution network to enable more sales in more outlets. Starting today, a select group of pilot agencies can offer a Main Plus experience that includes an extra main cabin or preferred seat, free extra cage and Group 5 seats, as well as a Corporate experience that includes preferred seats and priority privileges for Business Extra customers on American Airlines domestic flights.

The changes to free baggage allowance in the United States will not affect business or first class customers, nor elite frequent flyer and co-branded credit card customers, who will continue to enjoy their normal free baggage allowance.

Which would help even more: This simplification would certainly allow American Airlines to follow the example of its partner Alaska Airlines and its competitor Delta and offer a guarantee of baggage delivery within 20 minutes, so that customers do not have to wait to drop off their baggage on arrival. Americans follow 20-minute delivery times for bags, but have never been willing to guarantee them.

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frequently asked questions

Can you check in your luggage in basic economy class with American Airlines?

Yeah, but it’s gonna cost you: In the United States and Canada: $30 for the first bag, $40 for the second, $150 for the third, and $200 for each subsequent bag. To/from Mexico: $30 for the first bag, $40 for the second bag, $150 for the third bag and $200 for each subsequent bag.

What are American Airlines’ international baggage fees?

If you are traveling on an American Airlines flight within the United States to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America (excluding Panama) or Colombia, you will be charged $30 per one-way flight for your first checked baggage. If you cross the Atlantic in basic economy class, you have to pay $75 for extra checked luggage.

What is the difference between American Airlines Economy and Basic Economy?

If you are looking for the lowest fare in the main cabin of American Airlines, go for the basic economy class. These seats are basically just heavily discounted bus fares, and the restrictions are not much different than those for economy class tickets. The main difference is that you cannot choose your seat in advance.

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