Federal Mask Mandate Could Become Law, And Cabin Crew Given Vaccine Priority In Future Pandemics


The federal mandate on masks could become law and cabin crew would be given priority for vaccination in future pandemics.

Gary Leff on February 9, 2021.

Airlines had rules on masks before the president ordered the bureaucracy to make them mandatory. The fines are not much higher than they used to be (only $250 for a first refusal), and there are more exceptions – for example, airlines must now allow medical benefits for wearing masks, something American, United and Southwest used to not offer.

A foreclosure order that is in effect until revoked by the CDC or until the Secretary of Health and Human Services revokes a declaration of a public health emergency may become law.

Politics Weekly Transport notes that Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Maria Cantwell (D-WA), and Ed Markey (D-MA) are proposing a bill to turn the order into federal law until the president declares that the pandemic has ended. This would allow these senators to take credit for something that already existed, which itself existed before the CDC did.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Rick Larson (D-WA), chairman of the House aviation subcommittee, has introduced a bill that would establish a national outbreak response plan that would prioritize vaccination of front-line workers. It would also establish “protocols for sanitation and other means of reducing disease transmission” – in other words, it would require airlines to do less than they have already pledged to do with electrostatic sprays, hand sanitizers and other measures.

It makes no sense to prioritize vaccines that do not exist for hypothetical epidemics with an unknown risk profile. The 1918 pandemic resulted in a higher risk in young people, while Covid-19 is more lethal in the elderly. And because government priorities worked so well when Covid-19 was introduced, Larson thinks it makes sense to legislate this priority before it is known which populations might benefit from the vaccine. The goal seems to be to give material to a big drive. Airline and transportation company unions have given Larsen about 18 times more than his second-largest donor.

I read in my social media feed that the decline of business in the United States is clearly the result of a coordinated national plan, even though the president has been in office for less than three weeks and it is not yet clear what that plan entails. The virus is a virus, just like the previous viruses. Hopefully, we will continue to increase the vaccination rate so that the population will have less SARS-CoV-2 and therefore less chance of mutation – but this is a global problem, and vaccination will take some time in many countries around the world.

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Mandatory updates for Dirt BikeMX Bikes
Mods make your bike faster and easier to control. When you race, you are more competitive. If you modify your bike the right way, you can get
the most out of
it. Here we are fans of upgrading our bikes and we know that it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can make a big difference.

Spare parts should not be expensive. There are definite advantages to learning the mechanics of your engine. When you improve parts and learn how to modify your engine, you can understand your engine on a much deeper level. The skills you gain from following motorcycle modifications are invaluable. Breakdowns, tuning problems and race preparation become easy. It is much easier to work on a relatively simple single-cylinder dirt bike engine than a multi-cylinder engine.

If you want to improve a used bike, it’s only natural to start working on making your bike faster right away, especially if you’re competing in races. TeamMA always tries to improve handling and brakes first before moving on to improve performance. It is important to make sure your bike can stop well and that it can handle the terrain at higher speeds. Once you are sure that your brakes and suspension are up to the task, you can look to increase power.

New riders can upgrade to competitive tandem parts, but we still recommend a balanced upgrade course. Steel brake hoses, better components and better suspension will help you go faster. It’s not just about power.

This article is intended to explain how to effectively improve and customize your dirt bike. It highlights some of the benefits and includes links to examples of available products.

Dirt bike modificaties – HandlingVering modificaties

If you regularly drive full throttle, you instinctively know when your suspension is failing. If it’s terrible, it probably is. If you feel new vibrations or hear noises, investigate. Always do a cleaning and inspection after your trip. Things change over time, and without regular inspection we can’t notice deterioration.

If you are a beginner, watch for signs of wear. The forks may show signs of pitting or the front end may begin to neglect. In addition to riding hard, you may find that you have no feel and cannot control the front end. Steering will be sluggish because the front end is higher.

If the rear shock is not working, you run the risk of flying out of control due to the larger rear squeal. There may be
visible signs
that your suspension has failed. Check for oil leaks around the rubber seals. Since a dirt bike’s suspension is adjustable, it is always important to know your settings. Properly tuning your bike when you first purchased it will give you a foundation. TeamMA recommends building a good relationship with your local dealer or MX specialist. Once you know your settings, troubleshooting will become second nature.

If your motorcycle’s suspension isn’t working or you’re not satisfied with its performance, an upgrade is natural. For starters, you’ll gain confidence in your bike and be able to ride faster on flat roads, through corners and over obstacles, waves and jumps. Upgrades or replacements can improve lap times, handling and overall performance. At TeamMA, we believe there are two main options for improving your motorcycle’s suspension.

1. first option: upgradeTo restore your engine’s dirty suspension, you will need to install new springs, seals and oil. Perform a partial or complete suspension upgrade at one time. We recommend that you change your suspension’s oil regularly. You can also improve your suspension with more or less firm springs, depending on your terrain and driving style. Upgrading your old oil and outdated springs will greatly improve the handling of your motorcycle and allow you to ride faster.


Here is a hands-on video showing how to disassemble and reassemble the forks.

Watch this video of you slapping your back.

Option 2: Replacement
You may want to upgrade and completely replace your motorcycle’s suspension. A suspension upgrade may be less expensive than a full repair. A replacement may be more appropriate for the novice rider who wants to replace the suspension with something new and more durable. You may even be able to go to an authorized service center or dirt bike repair shop to save time and effort. There are several front and rear suspension replacement options available.

MX bike models – SuspensionWP Suspension With
decades of experience, the Austrian company WP Suspension boasts innovations such as XACT Pro front forks, XACT Pro SUPERTRAX shock absorbers, cone valve technology and much more. WP is known for its cooperation with KTM in all motorcycle sports, including MX. Many big names in the MX world and over 300 FIM endurance champions have won with WP springs and shocks, and that has to be a good thing.

The show

The Japanese company Showa has a long history in the suspension field, which began with Honda in the mid-1900s. The company is also known for supplying original equipment parts to Harley Davidson. In MX, the Showa name is still primarily associated with Honda. Their A-Kits are available as aftermarket products for other manufacturers: Showa forks and springs are suitable for aggressive or professional riders and are considered top quality products.

Swedish company Öhlins was founded in
1976 and is a major player in the suspension industry. Yamaha saw the potential in 1986 and bought half of the company. Today, Öhlins (now owned by Tenneco) is still a major player in the MX suspension field. Öhlins has several MX world champions and over 300 motorsports victories around the world. Öhlins replacement suspensions are ideal for MX beginners. The competitive cost and ease of use are suitable for all skill levels. Professional riders love them too.

Fox has been around since the 1970s and began selling motocross parts. Most MX fans are familiar with the Fox Racing brand. Of course, there are many specialized shock companies, and these are just a few of our favorites. Below is a more complete selection:



Dirt bike modifications – Brake modifications

Your motorcycle’s brakes should always be in perfect condition. Every time we go faster, we need to stop faster or at least more efficiently. Brakes should be part of your normal maintenance routine.

With the best brakes, you’ll be faster on the road!

How? If you have a good technique, your dirt bike will accelerate or brake. We always try to avoid freewheeling. During a dream ride, we accelerate longer and brake shorter. The more you accelerate, the shorter your braking time. To set consistently good lap times, good brakes will help you go faster.

If you plan to modify off-road motorcycles, brakes should be on the list from the very beginning. Stainless steel and braided hoses are essential. The idea behind these hoses is that they can withstand more pressure than original factory parts. Braided hoses reduce the chance of leaks due to rubber defects, excessive pressure or severe shocks.

Here are examples of Galfer stainless steel and braided hoses:

Now that your bike has improved handling and braking, it is important that you take the time to get used to your new vehicle. At TeamMA, we always recommend that our readers get used to their bike’s improved handling before making any modifications to their dirt bike. Updating too many things at once can be confusing. Keep up with each update and track the improvements. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll benefit from upgrading the suspension and brakes. Now you are ready for an exciting upgrade in engine performance.

MX Engine Modifications – Performance

When upgrading the engine of a dirt bike, it is important not to rush. Engine upgrades should be done in a logical order. Start with the obvious wear and tear on the upper part. Knocking noises, oil leaks, excessive lubricant or fuel consumption and reduced performance are all signs of engine wear. Engine maintenance increases compression, optimizes performance and extends engine life.

If you are upgrading the exhaust system, it is almost always best to do so in conjunction with a jet carburetor on older motorcycles and engine mapping on more modern motorcycles. The airflow setting must be correct for maximum horsepower. Do not assume that the hose will work on every engine. Research is required. Requirements vary depending on the manufacturer and your riding style. Always consult your owner’s manual or an authorized service center before making any major changes.

Learn more about two- and four-stroke engines and how they work here.

Motocross engine – latest
upgradeTwo-stroke engines have fewer moving parts and are therefore much easier to overhaul than four-stroke machines. However, in high-level races, two-stroke engines are known to break down more often because they have fewer parts and therefore have to work harder. Preventive maintenance and rebuilding should be done at fairly regular intervals.

Two- and four-stroke engines sometimes show no visible signs of wear. Regular maintenance is always cheaper than waiting for major defects that lead to a complete rebuild of the engine head. Regular maintenance keeps even a dirty motorcycle in good condition.

To find signs that your top-of-the-line needs repair, disassemble the bike and look for small scratches on the pistons. Your bike’s owner’s manual will tell you how often you should service your bikes. You should also consider the difficulty of your rides. In general, engines with smaller displacement require more regular maintenance; two-stroke engines require more frequent maintenance than four-stroke engines.

While driving, watch for rattling sounds at low rpm that worsen and then disappear at higher rpm. Loose parts of the piston may suddenly fail. Testing for two-stroke engines includes a compression test and a visual inspection of the components.

On a four-stroke engine, there is a leak test that isolates the leaking air, determines its source and locates the problem. You can also remove the coolant cap and see if there are any bubbles or oil in the coolant, indicating a bad cylinder head gasket. In the long run, it’s much cheaper to perform these premium maintenance services yourself, while your dirt bike is tighter, more efficient and gets that big performance boost.

Fuel injector modernization (Carburetor motorcycles only)
The benefits of understanding and modernizing fuel injectors on carburetor motorcycles are numerous. The main jet regulates the amount of fuel that enters the carburetor when the throttle is open. The pilot jet blows fuel when the engine is idling or leaning. Once the fuel mixes with the air, combustion takes place, which propels us forward.

The selection of the size and quality of the main nozzles must be considered when improving the power output of your motorcycle. Consult your manual for the proper jet settings for the temperature or relative air pressure at which you regularly ride. Improper injection can cause costly damage.

Fancy Dirt Bikes – Recognizing
Injection ProblemsInjection is when the air/fuel ratio is cut and the piston goes out of sync, which feels like rattling. Improper fuel injection is also evident in the bike’s response to acceleration. To correct the tilt adjustment, increase the jet size until you hear the right sound and feel the right throttle response.

A rich jet is the opposite of an economical jet, where too much fuel goes into the carburetor. The main indicator is an engine that falters, does not idle and does not ignite properly. A rich mixture does not always lead to a faulty engine, but an engine with “ignition errors” will not run optimally. You can change the jets with simple tools; it doesn’t take long once you get the hang of it.

This video explains how to efficiently change the nozzles.

Modernization of MX exhaust systems

Your motorcycle’s exhaust pipe consists of two parts, the down pipe and the exhaust pipe. Improving your exhaust system has many benefits for the overall performance of your motorcycle. Upgraded exhausts are often lighter than original factory parts, and less weight means better performance. The materials used also play a role: tougher end caps made of carbon steel and carbon fiber protect the pipes from splinters and sinkers.

The exhaust system accounts for much of the tuning and power available to you. The convex downpipe of a two-stroke mountain bike serves as a turbocharger. A modification to something mega-powered can be a practical step in the quest for more power.

The extra power and weight reduction will result in better performance and efficiency, and you’ll also be impressed with the look and sound. As a reminder, remember to consider the exhaust as part of the fuel mixture and tuning system. Adding an exhaust for looks or sound can lead to problems – so consider this before modifying an engine.

If you’re wondering which type of exhaust would be right for your motorcycle, we’ve already put an article on exhausts on your shopping list, with some additional reading on the importance of it all here. Discover the best motorcycle exhaust system.

MX Bike Mods – Plastics and Graphics
We all know that plastics and graphics don’t increase performance or make you ride faster, but they do make you look faster. Every biker knows that it is an unsolved mystery that our bikes just look better when we wash and prepare them against dirt.

If you need to repair or replace your plastics, we recommend our published article on repairing your plastics.

You can read more about the calendar here.

There are many ways to approach an upgrade, but we have outlined the best way to be thorough and consider the impact each new upgrade or additional performance will have. Start with the steering and brakes, then look for other horses.

We’ll be back soon with more information, but in the meantime, have fun!

Martin and the team @motocrossadvice

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