Weekly Cruise News: February 6, 2021

Here we have another important update on cruise news as the industry remains in limbo and we see even more cruise ships being decommissioned.

Cruise News Update

We had some crazy days this week when the Canadian government decided to ban cruise ships for an entire year. You can read more about that and the reactions of the cruise lines later in the video.

We have sadder news: Cruise ships are being boarded and scrapped, Carnival Cruise Line has implemented a new health policy, CDC regulations to reopen cruises have led to numerous complications, and more. So let’s get started!


Cruise lines have the difficult task of accepting cruises

We begin with expensive tasks that cruise lines must take on. At the Senate Transportation Committee meeting this week, it became clear and painfully obvious that the state of the cruise industry in Florida is cause for great concern. It has been expensive, and there is still a long way to go before cruises can truly resume.

Michael Rubin, a government spokesman for the Florida Ports Council, told members of the Senate committee that the reopening could take months. It could also be until 2022 or later before we see a significant cruising speed, let alone the same level as before the pandemic.

Cruise Ships in Miami, Florida Photo credit : EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

Mr. Rubin said the cruise lines and ports are subject to a “heavy” list of requirements from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and hopes that at least some ships will be able to operate at half power this summer.

He added that some of the smaller luxury cruise lines may not operate until the vaccines are available worldwide. He said that although the overall impact of the pandemic varies from port to port, the financial impact could be as high as $22 billion. A port like Panama City (PL) handles more cargo, while Port Canaveral’s business has traditionally been 70% cruises.

For more details, see our full article at cruisehive.com, as well as the challenges currently facing the U.S. cruise industry.

Six old Carnival cruise ships will be scrapped.

Six former Carnival cruise ships are currently being scrapped. It also marks the end of the once-popular Holiday class, which helped make the Miami cruise line what it is today.

The Tropical, which was eventually renamed Ocean Dream for Peace Boat, the Celebration, which was eventually renamed Grand Celebration for Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, and the Holiday, which was eventually renamed Magellan for Cruise & Maritime Voyages, are all now in the shipbreaking yard in Alang, India.

Scrapped Carnival Cruise Ships

The Aliaga shipyard in Turkey is scrapping three other former Carnival cruise ships. The Carnival Fancy is almost completely gone and what is left of it lies next to the twin ships Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration. It is indeed a sad end for these once beloved ships, which have so many memories.

Cruise ship Costa grounded due to decommissioning

Speaking of scrapped ships. The Costa Victoria, formerly operated by Costa Cruises and now owned by Carnival, was recently scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey.

Costa Victoria Beached in Turkey Photo credit: to the original owner.

It was not an easy beach as the ship had some traffic problems. In January 2021, Cruise Hive reported that the ship would be towed to the scrapyard by a tug from Italy. It can now be seen on the beach in an uncomfortable position, probably because of the tug.

The ship has already been sold to Carnival Corp. in the summer of 2020. It was hoped that the Costa Victoria would be used to house shipyard workers, but unfortunately that plan did not go through. It was first ordered by Costa Cruises in 1996 and sailed for Costa before the pandemic broke out.

Carnival Cruise Line New health policy VIDOC

Carnival Cruise Line has issued new COVID medical policies and procedures to ensure the safety of guests during cruise vacations. After reading it all, you may not feel like you’re on a cruise.

The cruise line has developed a new policy based on agencies around the world, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many new protocols are expected, including wearing masks throughout the ship, social distancing and pre-boarding checks.

Carnival Liberty Gangway Image credit: Igor_Koptilin / Shutterstock.com

The cruise line may introduce new portable technologies and use video for transferring contacts, and customers will have to monitor the temperature daily. We have received some preliminary data on the impact on the port of call.

Carnival may restrict port visits and guests may not leave the port of origin. Guests cannot make their own tours and can only book tours that have been verified by the cruise line.

The biggest thing is that the Carnival will take these measures very seriously. Guests will have to follow the new policy and the details are still subject to change because the situation is still very fluid.

You can read all the details at cruisehive.com or view all the content on the official carnival website.

Canada bans cruise ships for a year

Well, here comes the biggest news of the week, or should I say the biggest shock of the year so far for the cruise industry. Canada has made a major decision and has banned cruise ships for an entire year. The ban is now in effect until February 28, 2022. This measure will apply to all cruise ships that can carry more than 100 passengers.

Cruise Ships in Vancouver, Canada Image credit: meunierd / Shutterstock.com

The announcement was made Thursday by the Minister of Transportation. The reason for the ban is the development of the pandemic and the maintenance of the health and safety of transport workers. The government has stated that cruise ships in Canadian waters pose a risk to health systems.

However, there is some hope that the Minister of Transportation can lift the temporary orders when the situation improves, such as when the vaccines begin to work.

Cruise lines are surprised by Canada’s decision.

What do the cruisers think of all this, was this planned? It certainly wasn’t! In fact, several cruise lines issued a statement within hours of the Canadian government’s announcement. Within minutes of the news, cruise lines responded on social media and let it be known that they too had just found out and were surprised.

All the major cruise lines had cruises scheduled in Alaska for this season, and it looks like they will now be canceled unless something magical is announced that will allow the cruises to go ahead after all.

Vancouver Cruise Port, Canada Foto credit : EB Adventure Photography / Shutterstock.com

This is all due to the Passenger Ship Services Act, which requires cruise ships departing from a U.S. port to call at a foreign port. Some U.S.-registered cruise lines will still be able to sail, but you can forget about the big cruise lines like Dutch America, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) issued a statement in response to the one-year ban. Charlie Ball, president of CLIA in the Northwest and Canada, said his members were very surprised by the length of the ban and hoped they would have an opportunity to review the terms.

He went on to say how important the cruise industry is to the Canadian economy, and that two years without cruises could have irreversible consequences for families across the country.

More cruise news

These are just some of the topics we discussed during the week. There are more cruise stories, including that the 2021 Alaskan season is being forgotten, that Cozumel wants to become a home port, that Fred Olsen Cruise Line is suspending cruises until the end of June, that flight restrictions may affect cruises, that Majesty of the Seas may be going to the dump, that the new MSC cruise ship has been delivered, and much more.

You can also check out last week’s cruise news if you want an update.

Cruise News Update

Frequently asked questions

Will cruises be canceled in 2021?

Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival and Royal Caribbean announced Monday that they will cancel their 2021 voyages. Cruise ships will not sail in U.S. waters until next year as major cruise lines continue to postpone itineraries due to the COWID-19 pandemic.

Why did TUI cancel the 2021 cruise?

Many other cruise lines are revising their plans for 2021. In mid-February, Tuy Cruise had scheduled Operation Marella to set sail. But due to the entanglement of travel restrictions in Europe and around the world, as well as a State Department warning to ban cruises, the company has increased the number of cancellations.

Will Princess cruises for 2021 be canceled?

– As Princess Cruises continues to prepare and develop its plans to meet the requirements of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in addition to restrictions on unsafe travel, the company is extending the guest break on its ships …

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