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While traditional campers prepare their vans for off-season storage, there is a group that takes caravan camping in winter very seriously. Along some of the best lakes in the Midwest, you’ll come across a small lakeside RV community with a festive atmosphere. If you stop to explore, you’ll discover that this is a collection of ice fishing in some of the best RV fishing houses.

Ice huts have come a long way since the first animal tents were stashed by Native Americans. Join us to learn how today’s manufacturers have applied recreational vehicle technology to aluminum fishing. We will show you how they are rooted in some of Minnesota’s best ice fishing lakes.

What’s a fish truck?
That’s what most people imagine when they think of a fish house on ice.

From ice shelter to fisherman’s home RV
To get through the winter months, Amerindians were the first to start ice fishing more than 2,000 years ago. Early fishermen used wooden lures to harpoon fish, just like small fish in the ice caves of lakes or rivers. Anglers looking for a real challenge always use this dark fishing technique.

Early fishing huts, also called ice huts, were makeshift structures that were towed or placed on frozen lakes to stay warm. When ice fishing became a popular sport, people gathered in ice huts. The term slum has taken on a new meaning from its original meaning, which dates back to the working class towns of Ohio around 1820. Like any sport, ice fishing has developed its own culture and tradition. People decorated their cabins with humor to dispel the feeling that ice fishing could be dangerous. Participants hang toilets, jackals and other absurd objects for good luck, inside and out.

In states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan (both peninsulas) and Canada, the sport has been passed down through families for generations. When asked why you do ice fishing, many will tell you how their parents and grandparents fished them when they were kids. This has become a defining aspect of their culture, so much so that they hold annual professional competitions with corporate sponsorship, cash prizes and equipment.

At the end of the 20th and in the 21st century. In the 19th century, recreational vehicle technology inspired ice fishing entrepreneurs to transform the ice hut into the aluminum recreational vehicle we know today. The heart of Minnesota was in Elkhart, Indiana, where the recreational vehicle industry is located. The various manufacturers are not as centralized as traditional RV manufacturers, but almost all fly the flag within the country.

Standard Features of an RV
– Fish House The simplest fish house may consist of four walls, a roof and a floor. Those who buy the shell usually plan to decorate the interior to their liking. The new owner may have their own special needs and desires and therefore choose to go the DIY route for interior design.

Otherwise, when you buy a fish store, manufacturers add stuff to enjoy life in the RV while you try to hook the big thing. The floor, sidewalls and roof insulation ensure that the 40,000 BTU heater maintains a comfortable temperature. You can throw your snow pants and parka aside and make yourself comfortable on the couch. When you’re tired or spending the weekend, the couch turns into a bed.

Manufacturers have different philosophies when it comes to insulation materials. Some use fiberglass laminates, rigid foam or spray foam. You will also find that bubble wrap insulation works in conjunction with primary insulation. Radiant insulation preserves this type of heating and minimizes UV radiation from the sun. It also helps to regulate the indoor climate in winter.

The bottom will have 4 to 8 holes to throw the line in with screw caps. Many RV fishing stores offer blue LED lights around the openings. You can see better with the light, but it doesn’t deter the fish because they can’t see blue light. The devices also come pre-installed with underwater cameras. Don’t let Grandpa fool you. If he had had an underwater camera in his day, he probably would have used it.

In the plans of the fish shop you will also find counters and kitchens. Two- or three-burner stoves run on propane from tap water (just like the stoves). Microwave ovens and sinks are standard from mid-range upwards. Huge closets appear when you take the first step of the lower floor plan. As we move from simple to luxurious, these closets are transformed into bathrooms. A chest of drawers appears, then a shower.

Rugged interiors and ice fishing pits are the hallmarks of RV fishing homes – photo : Glacier hut on a glacier

Wood paneling is a very popular interior design element. Before you think of the 70s version of old houses, it’s the cedar or oak finish that’s shiny and clean. You’ll feel like you’re in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, far away from people. If the neighbors are not very noisy, you have your own quiet space.

Unless you’re on the ice on a Sunday. In this case, you can turn on the LED TV and start the game thanks to the built-in sound system. Whether you are a Viking, Packer, Lion, or the one to whom you owe your allegiance, you can witness all the action. Before you yell at the referee, ask yourself if it’s worth it to scare the fish.

Whether you contact your dealer or order a custom vehicle directly from the manufacturer, you will find that optional features are combined with current and typical recreational vehicle features. Here are some of the most common extras people order:

Heated holding tanks
Custom exterior trim
All-season air conditioning
Lift-Out Remote controlled wheels and awnings
Complete kitchen packages
Complete bathroom packages
Satellite and/or internet packages
Upgraded fish house Furniture
Deluxe interior
Additional sleeping area
LED fireplace with indoor artificial heater 5000 BTU
Solar panel package
Child door access
Propane quick connect for outdoor BBQ

How thick does the ice need to be for a fish house?

How thick does the ice need to be for a fish house?
The average weight of most fishing vans is about 5,500 pounds. However, they can range from £900 to £10,000. The Ford F-350 weighs between 5,878 and 7,737 pounds. If we round up the heaviest version of the pickup (most likely a double) by single digits, we get 7,800 pounds.

According to ice thickness experts, our F-350 example is safe on ice 12 to 15 inches thick. At 12 inches thick, the ice can hold more than seven tons (14,000 pounds). Most ice fishermen are comfortable on ice when it is at least 15 inches long. Because they are close together, all the surface activity and solar radiation create a buffering effect as the top layer melts and reforms overnight.

When applying for an ice fishing license from the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service or your state’s conservation agency, be sure to get an informational brochure on the ice fishing laws in your area. In case of problems related to ice damage, melting or other problems, they close the lake or river for safety reasons.

Types of Ice Fishing Carriers As the manufacturers of ice fishing carriers rely on traditional brands, the development of this sector has quickly given rise to innovations with important features for the market. That’s why Fish House RVs come in four sub-types to fit your budget and style. Some are used for different purposes and can be used all year round. During the camping season, you can bring your Ice House Camper number to film or take home the 12-point male. Toy carriers with rear tailgates allow you to take your motorized adventure toys on the most scenic trails in the summer and your snowmobile on cool powder days.

Ski Chalets
Ski chalets, also called ice huts, are aluminum or wooden structures with ski rails on the ground. Two or three skids extend the entire length of the structure and have a slight upward curvature to prevent snow, ice or dirt from sinking into them when pulled by a motor vehicle.

Skid cabs are the simplest of all fishing cabs and are ultralight, usually less than 1,000 pounds. You can find them as a box or a tapered front with minimal features. Manufacturers may offer optional features for RVs, such as insulation, furniture or other equipment. You can also personalise your motorhome. Check out Do It Yourself RV for inspiration in crossing.

While they don’t have the typical comfort of an RV, they are very affordable and are perfect for ice 10 to 12 inches thick. Many people use an ATV or snowmobile as a tow vehicle. These devices are 6.5 or 8 feet wide, making the skates well suited for ice fishing on rivers.

Standard Size RVs
If you talk to anyone about the best ice fishing houses on wheels, it’s the modern RVs fishing houses. Standard fish shelters are between 12 and 16 feet long. The width, as in our skates, is 1,5 or 2 meter. If you compare the floor plans, you will notice that the standard equipment is added gradually.

When you place the hitch on the ice, the mechanism lowers the bottom of the trailer onto the ice and pulls up the axles in the trailer. This process causes the trailer to form a seal around the ice, preventing wind or other outside elements from rising through the ice and creating holes under the car. The axles use either cranks or hydraulic or electric motors. In high-end models or options, the axes can be adjusted with radio remote controls.

If you have a quarter-ton truck like the Chevrolet Colorado (maximum towing weight of 7,000 pounds), you can tow most of them because their Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 5,000 to 6,000 pounds. Keep in mind the weight of the passengers and save enough horsepower for the drive.

Luxury Edition Fish House
In the traditional RV community, we don’t put more emphasis on my mentality than yours, but it inevitably happens. It’s hard to determine who makes the best ice fishing shop when looking at RV fishing shop editions, as manufacturers offer different sizes, features, and customizations.

These luxurious 25- to 30-foot cabins gross about 10,000 pounds or more. They have fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, plenty of sleeping space and some of the best entertainment technology on the market. Of course, there are also holes for ice fishing with LED lights and a pre-wired underwater camera.

Fisherman’s House
Some fishermen like to take their adventurous toys with them. You may want to bring the drill and fishing rod to do some trial drilling in other parts of the lake. Attach it to your ATV or snowmobile, open the tailgate of your fishing lodge, and go exploring. Ice fishing trailers of the toy tractor type are available in standard or deluxe versions. Many have dinettes that fold down on the side walls and electric bunk beds that hang from the ceiling. If you are towing a toy hauler, you should use a half-ton pickup truck or a large SUV because of the weight of the adventurous toys. Also, turn on your 40,000 BTU heater because as soon as you open the tailgate, the warm air in your car escapes outside.

Ridgeline Skid Houses
Ridgeline is a manufacturer of recreational vehicle fish houses – photo : Ridgeline

Category : RVLength: 10-12 ftDry weight: 775-850 lbsIsolation : Thermopane window openings : Custom
Sleep : At 4
If you want to fish for walleye at Lac des Mille Lacs (in French, Mille Lacs) and are traveling on National Road 210, take a few minutes to get to North Pillager, near County Road 1. Here you will find the headquarters of Ridgeline Manufacturing. Since 2007, their boats and travel trailers have helped make this small town famous.

Ridgeline skid houses are 8 to 12 feet long and 6.5 to 8 feet wide. Its tapered aerodynamic front end makes it economical when towed to the lake. You can choose between a rear entrance door or a side entrance with a toy transport ramp.

On a busy morning on the lake, you won’t have to stand in line at the boat dock to put your cabin on ice. Once you’ve parked your Chevy Blazer, you can disconnect the vehicle from the trailer and bring your ATV out through the dual rear doors. The chain set allows your ATV to easily set up your skidbox.

Once you’ve unfolded the extra side benches and turned on the portable stove, you’re ready to go fishing. To avoid fuel consumption, roof-mounted 100 or 200 watt solar panels can run your solar generator. Powerful electric drills with drill tips are sufficient to open ice holes, and electric heaters consume little energy.

Ice Forts Black Hole Ice Shack
The Black Hole is a unique and affordable fish shop – photo : Ice forts

Category : Soft covering
Length: 10-14 ft
Weight: 900 lbs
Insulation : Insulated cloth
stop holes : 5Sleep: 2(Brainerd-Missippi River, Gilbert Lake, Rice Lake)

Continuing east on State Highway 210, you’ll enter one of northern Minnesota’s largest cities. Brainerd became a popular port city because it was located on the mighty Mississippi River and was a stopping point for the railroad. For outdoor enthusiasts, it is a supply center and a gateway to the entire geographic region.

If you are looking for the best ice fishing hut that is both flexible and versatile, stop by Ice Forts when you are in Brainerd. The Black Hole Ice Hut is an insulated canvas tent mounted on a drop frame. The tent is available in standard black or camouflage color for hunting/fishing. The floor is made of Intelli-Core material and has six holes for freezing and a trunk lid.

If you don’t use an ice house, the flatbed trailer is equipped with a sturdy tow bar for convenient use. The Black Hole trailer is available in 10, 12 or 14 foot lengths. It is equipped with a winch and you can remove the fender for oversized loads. The weight of the trailer is 3,500 pounds.

IJsburg Fishing house Little Jigger

Category : Standard length
: 12 ft
Dry weight / GVWR: 1920/ 4000 lbs
Insulation : Glass fibre stop holes Watt
: 4Sleep: 2
Lac Qui Parle State Park (French: le lac qui parle) is home to walleye, pike, and the Ice Castle Classic ice fishing tournament. The competition takes place at the beginning of February and rewards the 50 best catches. Participants will not be allowed on the lake before 8:00 am on the day of the event, so if you arrive early, stop by the sponsor’s office. Since 1997, RVs have been built in Montevideo, Minnesota.

Little Jigger is the best selling standard sized fishing cottage, RV Ice Castle. After manual lifting of the axles, the bottom with the four holes forms a reliable seal against icing. The aerodynamic nose of the wheelhouse places the access door on the passenger side and the two propane tanks (with hard lids) on the driver’s side.

Inside, you can relax on the sofa bed located along the driver’s side of the main wall. Above the mounting holes, it is pre-wired to connect any size LED TV you install. The stereo system above the sofa shares its speakers with the TV, but keep in mind that this sound system can scare off fish. The kitchenette, which shares a wall with the propane tanks, is equipped with a 20,000 BTU stove, a two-burner stove and a countertop large enough to work on. All of this is combined with flooring, cedar panels and interior walls that hide a fiberglass cocoon that protects you from all angles.

Forest River Gray Wolffish House

Category : Big Four Standard, Toy Rack, Deluxe Length
: 25.6-32.2 feet
Dry Weight: 3,418-6,338 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight: 5,476-9,855 lbs
Insulation : Hard foam in side walls and bottom insulated with bubble wrap
Fish pots : 8Sleep: 4
If you’re looking for off-season ice fishing, why not plan a trip to Topeka, Indiana. The city is located on the east side of the RV capital of the world. Here is the only factory owned by one of Big Four RV’s parent companies that manufactures fish trucks. Cherokee RV, a division of Forest River Inc. offers six stories in its Gray Wolf Fish House models. The public can visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays (the company allows photos, but no videos). Amish workers do not want to be photographed because of their religious beliefs).

You’ll find the same superior quality construction and innovative features as the traditional Grey Wolf Cherokee, with the best wheelhouse features. Each model, regardless of size, has eight flat holes perfectly distributed across the floor.  At the rear of the bus is a U-shaped dinette that converts into a large double bed. The Toy Hauler and the large 21GP have electronic queen-size beds that slide to the ceiling when not in use.

Each unit, regardless of size, has a toilet in the bow compartment. The carts also have kitchen countertops with three-burner stove. The water supply works as follows:

16BF & 16GR : 5-gallon Cassette toilet
17BB, 17MP and 17TH : Heats 15 gallons of fresh water / heats 12 gallons of gray water for the sink and shower / heats 4.5 gallons of black water for the
21GP sideboard: 15 gallon heated fresh water tank / 23 gallon heated gray and black combination tank for sink, shower and
drawer cabinet Another standard feature is the long, narrow cabinet for bar storage. On the models in levels 17 and 21, the upholstery is supplemented by seat cushions. Electronic equipment includes multimedia systems, TV connection/wall amplification, LED lighting around the fishing grounds and pre-installation of an underwater camera. The awning is optional for year-round use, but standard on the 17TH and 21 GP.

Yetti Outdoor Traxx T612-DK
The Yetti Outdoor Traxx Edition – Photo : Yetti outside

Category : Standard Toy Holder
Length: 12 ft
Dry Weight/GVWR: 2,475/4,300 lbs
Insulation : Hard foam panel R-7 with anti-condensation foam insulation tape, peach
: 5Sleep: 3
According to fishing reports, Whiskey Lake in Douglas County, Minnesota, is a great lake for Black Bull, Black Crappie and Yellow Perch. If you’ve ever caught a Harlequin sunfish, you know why you need a sturdy glove to protect your hands from their sharp spines. Don’t be frustrated when you bake them, these thorns really hurt.

Before heading to the lake, stock up on bait and fishing tackle in Brandon. You’ll also find Yetti on the streets. This RV angler takes full advantage of the capabilities of these units year round. Yetti Outdoor offers a choice of four editions: Fisherman, Great Escape, Trucks and Shell/Customs. Traxx Edition are the models of toy carriers. The T612-DX is a standard model with a sofa bed on the passenger side. The company places the kitchenette in the front so you have as much space as possible for your motorized adventure toys. The finished, modern, wood-clad interior offers you a comfortable living space like a kingfish from one of the five ports on the floor.

To make your ice fishing house stand out from the rest of the slum, you can choose from a wide range of colours and appearance. Once the season is over, you need to winterize your fishpot so you can prepare for hunting season in the fall.

The ALUMAICE tandem deck 824TAH
ALUMAICE fishing caravans offer this tandem deck – photo : ALUMAICE

Category : LuxuryLength : 24 legs
Dry weight / GVWR : 7,000 / 10,000 lbs
Insulation : Spray
foam to plug holes: 7Sleep: Up to 6
Fishing opportunities in southern Minnesota are excellent. Due to heavy feeding in lakes and rivers, walleye, bass and other sport fish quickly reach considerable size. Mankato is about an hour and a half drive southwest of Minneapolis. This small city of 40,000 people is connected to many of the best rivers and lakes in southern Minnesota.

You will also find AlumaIce, manufacturer of high quality motorhome ice fishing cottages. Most RV fishing cabin manufacturers retain the best features for 30-foot luxury units. The extras become standard equipment and the interior looks more like a camper than a cooler. Former students are not very positive about this idea. Their standard fish models are just as luxurious as their life-size versions.

The AlumaIce 824TAH tandem deck is the flagship of the fleet. At the press of a button on the radio remote control, the hydraulic axles lower the hitch with 30 amps. Between the three double windows, the LED ambient lighting and the simple and discreet interior lighting, you will find a luxuriously designed cabin, perfect for your outdoor adventures and ice fishing.

All you need to power your mobile ice palace is a portable generator to which you can connect a shore power cable. Two propane gas cylinders power the 40k BTU and three burner stove. While you and your friends fish from the seven windows, enjoy a complete entertainment center with a 32-inch LED TV, stereo system and multiple inputs. Be careful who you invite, otherwise you’ll be so busy running your fancy fish shop in the slums that you won’t have time to go hunting for the prize-winning walleye.

Glacier 24TH RV Explorer Toy Transporter
The Glacier Toy Transporter is also perfect for summer camping – photo : Glacier hut on a glacier

Category : Deluxe toy holder
Length: 24 legs
Dry weight/value: 6,820/ 10,000 lbs
R-value : R-16 Insulation
Mounting Holes : 7Sleep: 6
Northwest Minnesota is home to Lake Bemidji. This 76-foot lake is known for its bass, masked dab, largemouth bass and pike. When the ice in Lake Bemidji is about 15 inches broken, look for the luxurious Glacier Transporter 24.

This luxurious seven bedroom house (sleeps four) has a fishing area for each sitting area and a full bathroom with plumbing. The fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator has everything you need to feed everyone on this long weekend. The Glacier Fish House has tandem axles and an enlarged garage so you can bring two snowmobiles. The camper is too heavy to be towed, but whether you’re using your toys for adventures, going back and forth to get gas, or hitting the road, it’s always a pleasure to go together.

Glacier gives you furniture options. You can choose between an L-shaped sofa, a standard sofa with a hidden bed or a convertible dining area for four. The Toy Haulers are equipped with a fold-out sofa bed in the back of the simulator and a sofa bed in front of the kitchen. Replacing a sofa with your furniture preferences is not a problem. If you look in their sales area, they may have a plan ready for you.

How to Start Ice Fishing
Some friends of Camper Smarts are avid fishermen in Florida. As the United States steps up its fight against the COWID-19 pandemic, they asked us if they were planning a trip to Minnesota to try ice fishing. Being Floridians ourselves (originally from Detroit), we had to think about how best to advise them (hence the inspiration for this discussion).

Our advice is multi-layered. If a group of friends is planning to go there, the first step is to check the RV-ezy website and look for an opportunity to rent a fishing lodge near your destination. To test this idea, we conducted our research. Without limiting the criteria, all three ads showed wheelhouse cars on the front page. When negotiating a lease, make sure the tenant has additional options. If they include an auger for drilling wells and some ice fishing rods, you can save money by adding these costs instead of having to buy them yourself. The owner can even tell you where to buy bait and other fishing supplies.

Another tip is to stock up on winter clothes. The Florida version of winter clothing is not suitable for Minnesota’s sub-zero temperatures. You will need thick parkas, long underwear and other winter clothing to survive there. Floridians are more used to triple-digit summer temperatures than sub-zero winter temperatures.

Finally, follow news from RV Smarts and RV Life for many RV lifestyle tips and tricks that overlap between the traditional RV and the fishing RV. Make sure you have the right fishing license and talk to as many people on the lake as possible. Be careful not to touch the funny fans hanging from other fish houses, and avoid accusations that they scare the fish.

About the Author
Although originally from Motown, Brian is a former camper who grew up on I-75. Since 2017, he, his wife and three furry working class darlings have been living full-time in an RV. Like John Madden, he hasn’t worked in years because he needs to write about his passion. When not working, he supports his daughter’s efforts to save dogs and causes of disability. Learn more about Camper Smarts with him.

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Who makes the fish houses in the ice castle?

How much is Ettie’s fisherman’s house?
2021 Yetti C612T-7165 Ice/Fishing Trailer House The estimated cost of the equipment is $9900 plus the cost of the equipment listed in the price list.

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