Is Passenger’s ‘African American Service Charge’ On American Airlines A Hoax?

Is the service charge for African-American passengers at American Airlines a joke?

Gary Leff on line one. February 2021.

Kietra Bryant flew from Charlotte to Denver on American Airlines for Thanksgiving. She and her companion checked in at a kiosk and paid a tax on checked luggage. She said an African-American and African-American service charge appeared on her bank statement.

Hello @AmericanAir

What is the African-American service charge?

– Simp named Slickback (@___seeryandavis) January 29, 2021

At first it seemed like a dishonest booth was the culprit (because if American Airlines can’t get confirmations of online updates, it has dishonest cabs with AI) or . American Airlines seems to blame Mastercard for this,

A customer alerted American about a mid-December settlement that listed an improper baggage surcharge. We were shocked by what we saw and immediately went to investigate to find out what had happened.

Luggage was purchased at a self-service kiosk in Charlotte. Our team members cannot change the text when processing the payment, and we have identified a problem with the credit card company and the bank issuer.

We contacted Mastercard, who confirmed that American Airlines had correctly reported the baggage fee information during the payment process, and Mastercard is currently conducting its own investigation.

Of course, along with Citibank and Barclays, Mastercard is the largest source of revenue for American Airlines.

However, not everyone is convinced that this is realistic,

When you sign up for a berth, you can give your cargo any nickname you want. You or your friend typed it yourself. The picture of the receipt she used shows at the bottom how the airline transfers the charges. She added a description of how people used to write on the memo line of paper checks.

Let’s get one thing straight: I have never been offered a deal at an American Airlines kiosk. I was able to mark transactions on my bank account.

The strange thing is..,

  • It happened at the newsstand. If the kiosk did this, someone programmed it. But only one customer reported it, and that customer turned out to be black. How did the kiosk find out?
  • I take the Americans at their word that the agreement has been properly implemented. This indicates that no foreign programs were available at the booth.
  • I’m inclined to believe it’s a customer-signed rate until I see another rate like this.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker offered a Black History Month salad on LinkedIn.

Two years ago, an internal Black History Month newsletter sent to American Airlines staff included archival photos of employees, none of whom were black.

(HT: Live and Fly)

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