11 Types of Hotel Rooms Every Traveler Should Know

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When you’re on the road, you’re not always looking for adventure. Sometimes it’s just nice to stop in the parking lot of your destination and know you’re going to a comfortable hotel room. In other cases – if you want to pamper yourself a little, for example – you can say goodbye to ordinary hotel rooms in favour of luxury villas or penthouses.

What variety should you expect when looking for a hotel room for the first time? We’ve researched the hotel rooms for you, so you can decide what kind of experience you’re looking for well before you leave.

Hotel room types

Choosing between a wide range of hotel rooms doesn’t have to be a challenge. Most hotels break down the available options by room or specialty, so you can get a better idea of the kind of experience a particular establishment offers its guests long before you arrive.

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Many hotels advertise their rooms based on the number of beds available in each room. Some of the most common areas of these sites are

1. Single room

Single rooms are usually suitable for a single traveller or a couple. These rooms have a single bed, hence their name, and often only have the necessary facilities for this limited capacity.

However, you can never be completely sure of the size of the bed or the room itself if you don’t do some research first. Different hotels have different standards for single rooms. In some rooms, you have access to a queen-size bed, while in others, you only have access to a double bed or a regular bed. Long-term hotels can offer you not only a comfortable kingdom, but also a complete kitchen.

2. Double room

The twin rooms are, as the name suggests, single rooms with two beds. You can expect these rooms to be equipped with two single beds, making them ideal for two people traveling together who prefer their own space.

3. Double room

The double rooms are rather designed for two people. If you don’t want to share the bed with your travel companions, you can book a double room and expect two single beds in the room in most cases. However, please check with the hotel of your choice before assuming that your double room has two beds. Some double rooms have only one single bed, one double bed. Although you can ask for an extra bed, it is better to know what kind of accommodation you are looking for before things get uncomfortable between you and your travel companion.

4. Triple room

To stay on the topic of occupation: Triple rooms are best suited for three people. The layout of the beds in this type of room may vary depending on the hotel you choose. Triple rooms may be available:

  • Three single beds
  • One single bed, one double bed and one single bed.
  • Two double beds

Again, check with hotel representatives before making assumptions about bed configurations.

5. Quad room

Please note that while the quad room and all other rooms listed in this section have more than one bed, they rarely have more than one room. Most will be studio style. While this configuration provides access to all the amenities during your vacation, it may not be ideal for travelers who prefer their hotel room to be more private.

Special units

If you don’t really want to choose a hotel room based on the number of beds, you can choose a room based on the amenities. Many hotels around the world may have several specialized departments:

6. Available numbers

All hotels are required by law to provide accessible rooms for disabled guests. These rooms may have amenities such as ramps, widened wheelchair-accessible floors, easily accessible showers, etc. They are usually located on the ground floor to make it as convenient as possible.

Please note that guests with other disabilities may request accessible facilities in the hotel’s standard rooms. If you or someone close to you has a disability, you should contact the hotel where you want to stay before your visit to see what accommodation options are available.

7. Apartment

There are different types of apartments. The different types of accommodation available depend on the hotel you are staying at. In general, they may include:

  • Basic or Executive Suites – Basic suites have a separate sleeping and living area for visitors. Unlike the standard studio-style of many hotel rooms, you can enjoy a degree of privacy in a basic or executive suite.
  • Junior Suites – The term junior suite describes a traditional studio style room found around the world. There will be no walls or doors separating the equipment from one room to another, except in the bathroom.
  • Presidential Suites – If you are looking for a sophisticated visiting experience, you can request a stay in the hotel’s presidential suites. These suites are often the most expensive rooms on the property. They are apartment-style with living space, extra bedrooms and many amenities. Visitors to these rooms may also have access to special equipment.

8. Family room

Family rooms, as the name suggests, are rooms designed specifically for parents and their children. The brand of these rooms varies depending on the hotel you are visiting. In most cases, however, these rooms have enough beds to accommodate two parents of a family and up to four children.

In some cases, family rooms may be located in a separate wing of the hotel, while single rooms or groups of visitors aged 21 and over may be located in another part of the hotel. In most cases, hotels try to make access to a room as easy as possible for a group of traveling family members, which means that a family room, such as an accessible room, will likely be located on the ground floor of the hotel.

If you want to stay in a family room, you should check with the hotel of your choice for special packages that will make your visit more enjoyable. Some hotels offer free breakfast, a crib or other amenities for children for guests staying in family rooms.

9. Interconnecting room

For guests who want to stay close to friends and family, but also want the privacy of their own room, adjoining hotel rooms are available. These rooms are connected by doors that can be opened between two or more units. Guests can open these doors as they relax and move from room to room without having to enter the busy hotel lobby.

10. Penthouses

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious hotel, why not check out a penthouse? Hotel penthouses are designed to offer visitors all the on-site amenities and more.

Penthouses often occupy the entire top floor of the hotel, providing visitors with unparalleled space. On this level you will find several private rooms, as well as public halls intended for parties, conferences and all other visitor needs.

However, not all hotels have a penthouse. If you want to enjoy your free time on your own in one of these places, you should check in advance if the hotel you are interested in has such a room.

11. Villas

For travelers looking for a truly private hotel, there is the option of a villa. Unlike hotel rooms, villas are detached houses that sit on a large property. Hotels – or more often seaside resorts – rent these rooms to visitors. In return, guests get access to all the resort’s amenities and those in the villa, including private Jacuzzis, an unparalleled sitting area, meals with delivery service and much more.

In most cases, visitors to a hotel complex with villas can choose between residences for individual visitors and those for large groups. The size of these villas depends on the resort, but they are the ideal stopover for visitors who want to make the most of their time in the area.

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You are not at all limited when looking for hotel rooms. If you are traveling across the country or want to escape the daily gloom, you can choose from a variety of rooms everywhere. Research hotels based on the number of beds in each room or the amenities each unit can offer; in any case, if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be satisfied at the end of a long day of travel.

frequently asked questions

What types of rooms are there in a hotel?

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How are the rooms equipped?

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How much does the hotel cost per person or per room?

Surcharge per person. Hotel room rates are based on double occupancy. You usually don’t have to pay extra for children in the room. But hotels often charge $20 to $50 per additional adult per night, Banas said.

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